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Michael Landsberg

You know what's more impactful than hearing a million Canadians battle mental illness?  It's hearing details about one.  I am not afraid to say I am sick, I am not afraid to share my story. I publicly talk about my personal battle with depression and I considers my ability to help reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness as my most important professional calling. 

I am on a mission to end the stigma that surrounds mental illness. My goal is to help people understand that mental illness is a sickness not a weakness. My speeches and shows are how I spread my message of hope. Hire me to put on an awesome show!

#BeTheHope #ChangeIsHope

Mental illness is a language. It’s a language only spoken by those who have felt it. That’s what makes #SickNotWeak so effective. It's what makes ME so effective. For those who speak depression- the feeling of isolation and loneliness is massive- until we meet that one person who speaks our language. For those who don’t speak the language- we must translate for them. To do that we must find novel ways to say the things they don’t understand.

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